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Conversations of Humanness + Creativity | Humanitou is about humanness and creativity.  These interviews are about cultivating a space for vulnerable, courageous dialogue and sharing. And in the process, I’m challenging all of us to truly listen, with openness and empathy, to others’ stories and to hear ourselves in them. Together, we will challenge the truths we hold about ourselves and each other. The Humanitou Podcast is about connection and empowerment through conversations of humanness and creativity, yours and mine.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 14: Adam Williams, Creator of Humanitou, on Creative Resistance & Impostor Syndrome

    In this episode, Adam Williams, creator and host of Humanitou, which typically features guests in "conversations of humanness and creativity," is riding solo and launching something new. Starting with this episode, Adam is committing to a series of five solo episodes mixed in with the coming months' conversations.  ...


  2. 13: Sara Meghdari, interdisciplinary artist, on life in Iran and the U.S., politics, racism, stereotypes, and the importance of curiosity and self-education

    Sara Meghdari, an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY., is Iranian and American. She comes from a family that honors two religions, two languages and two cultures. We talked as protests grew across the United States after police officers in Minneapolis killed George Floyd. This, on top ...


  3. 12: Lucas Krump, Evryman CEO & co-founder, on community, wellness and serving others

    Lucas Krump is CEO and co-founder of Evryman, a social enterprise that is cultivating a global men’s community, and is helping men to connect and to hone their emotional skills together. We get into Lucas’ personal journey. From growing up in Kansas and learning largely ...


  4. 11: Inaiah Lujan, prolific creator, dispels the myth of being a 'Jack of all trades, master of none'

    Inaiah Lujan is a multifaceted and prolific creator. Music is at the heart of his work. In fact, he might be most widely known for his time with a folk band he co-founded, The Haunted Windchimes. Inaiah recently wrapped his first seasons of a web series ...


  5. 10: Laura Elizabeth Pohl, humanitarian storyteller, on starting over and advocating through photography and film

    Laura Elizabeth Pohl is a humanitarian photographer and documentary filmmaker living in Cape Town, South Africa. Laura has traveled the world extensively, and spent many years living and working in developing countries, advocating for the dignity and humanity of the people she features in her visual storytelling. ...