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Humanitou dives into what it means to be human, creative and authentic. Creator and host Adam Williams guides conversations of humanness and creativity with an inclusive and diverse series of artists, thinkers, leaders and spiritual practitioners. He also shares his own practices, questions and resources for the creative and spiritual life.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 105: Amanda E.K., writer and filmmaker, on purity culture and rapture anxiety, religious trauma syndrome and coming into her own as an atheist queer polyamorous nonbinary woman

    Amanda E.K. is a writer and filmmaker, the editor-in-chief and publisher of Suspect Press, a memoirist about purity culture and an exvangelical. In this conversation, Amanda talks about her fundamentalist evangelical upbringing, purity culture, rapture anxiety and religious trauma syndrome. We also talk about when she started to ...


  2. 104: Adam Williams, on his fear of 'love', the nuances of karma, and healing our dis-ease and disconnections

    Adam Williams, creator of Humanitou, gets into a topic that he's really not comfortable talking about: love. In this solo episode, he starts with an odd little story that finally got him to speak on this issue he's got with love. He explores why ...


  3. 103: Lucas LaRochelle, designer and founder of Queering the Map, on the magic of archiving queer experience, and anonymity, love and truth, data privacy and A.I.

    Lucas LaRochelle is a designer and artist, and the founder of Queering the Map, a collaborative digital archive of queer experience across the world. With Lucas, we dive into the storytelling and the magic of Queering the Map. We talk about the importance and the transcendental ...


  4. 102: Lewis Lee, community facilitator and mentor, on using technology and creativity to make change in the 53206, staying out of prison and cultivating a legacy of good

    Lewis Lee struggled to stay out of prison when he was a young man, and then to find life purpose once he did. Now, he's a community leader, facilitator and mentor, a voice for social justice, and the Milwaukee-based curator of the Shared Studios Portal in the neighborhood ...


  5. 101: Adam Williams, on building a path of purpose one step at a time, applying the Zen philosophy of chopping wood and carrying water

    Humanitou creator Adam Williams digs into some thoughts, resources and ideas about recognizing life purpose and cultivating success through the Zen Buddhist koan, "chop wood, carry water." Along the way, he dips into the wisdom of sages like Jedi master Yoda and Michael Jordan, Baba Ram Dass and ...