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Humanitou dives into what it means to be human, creative and authentic. Creator and host Adam Williams guides conversations of humanness and creativity with an inclusive and diverse series of artists, thinkers, leaders and spiritual practitioners. He also shares his own practices, questions and resources for the creative and spiritual life.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 121: Lucas Cullen, founder of Struggle Creates Strength, on dark times, pushing outside one's comfort zone ad figuring out one's purpose

    Lucas Cullen is the founder of Struggle Creates Strength, a mental health advocacy organization based in British Columbia, Canada. He’s also a podcaster, a traveler and a former semi-pro hockey player. In this conversation, Lucas and I talk about the power of story, of sharing our stories ...


  2. 120: James McCrae, poet, meme artist and author of Sh#t Your Ego Says, on ayahuasca, karma and the art of our times

    James McCrae is a poet, a meme artist, and the author of the book, Sh#t Your Ego Says. Naturally, this conversation dives into James' thoughts on the ego. We also talk about karma, existential crisis and ayahuasca, poetry and meme artistry, which ...


  3. 119: Yassine Diboun, Ultramarathon Trail Runner, on addiction & sobriety, DEI & racism, the power of community & forest bathing

    Yassine Diboun is a professional ultramarathon trail runner, coach and entrepreneur (Wy'east Wolfpack) in Portland, Ore. He's also nearly 17 years sober. In this conversation, we talk about Yassine's story of addiction, which started at a really early age. And we talk about sobriety. Serious topics no doubt. ...


  4. 118: A Poet Was There ... Nguyễn Chí Thiện, Vietnamese Dissident

    In this solo episode, Adam Williams kicks off an occasional series called “A Poet Was There.” Adam reads his poem, "I Want Poets," which is his kernel of inspiration for the series, praising poets as essential truth tellers, the ones who are most equipped to help us ...


  5. 117: Victoria Stracke, publisher of 'The Last Hundred Miles: The Diary of Larry Waite'

    Victoria Stracke is the curator and publisher of "The Last Hundred Miles: The Diary of Larry Waite." And she has remained anonymous in that role. Until now. Larry was a gay man who grew up in the Midwest during the 1950s and 60s. He prolifically documented his life for ...