Humanitou: Conversations of Humanness + Creativity

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Humanitou dives into what it means to be human, creative and authentic. Creator and host Adam Williams guides conversations of humanness and creativity with an inclusive and diverse series of artists, thinkers, leaders and spiritual practitioners. He also shares his own practices, questions and resources for the creative and spiritual life.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 111: Big Samir, of The Reminders, on empowerment, providing 'the soundtrack to protests,' and Snoop Dogg

    Big Samir, the bilingual lyricist and emcee of The Reminders, grew up in Belgium and the Congo, and in a single-mother home with the images of MLK, Jr., Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X on the wall. We talk about his rising above the challenges of his youth, and ...


  2. 110: Ruben Rojas, muralist and co-founder of Beautify Earth, on living through love, losing it all and what really matters

    Ruben Rojas is a muralist, poet and activist who was on a path to becoming an orthopedic surgeon, then left it behind for big money in the real estate game -- and then lost everything. In this conversation, we talk about that hero's journey, the ups and downs, building up ...


  3. 109: Steven Pressfield, best-selling author of The War of Art, on creative Resistance, fear/love & tuning into the cosmic radio station

    Steven Pressfield is the best-selling author of The War of Art, The Artist's Journey, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Gates of Fire and, his newest novel, which was published earlier this month, A Man at Arms. In this conversation, we talk about Resistance with a capital-R, that diabolical enemy within ...


  4. New Trailer: Humanitou Podcast

    The Humanitou Podcast is about humanness and creativity. It's created and hosted by artist and writer Adam Williams, a super-curious introvert who might not be a superstar at small talk but loves thoughtful, energizing, one-on-one conversations. Humanitou shines light on failure and triumph, fear and love and all ...


  5. 108: Adam Williams, on the season wrap-up, Humanitou updates and Lewis Hyde's 'The Gift'

    Adam Williams, creator and host of the Humanitou Podcast, wraps up Season One of the podcast, and talks about the newest goings on around Humanitou and his plans for the season break before he jumpstarts Season Two early in 2021. Along the way, he talks about Lewis Hyde's classic book, ...