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Humanitou dives into what it means to be human, creative and authentic. Creator and host Adam Williams guides conversations of humanness and creativity with an inclusive and diverse series of artists, thinkers, leaders and spiritual practitioners. He also shares his own practices, questions and resources for the creative and spiritual life.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 87: Jessica Patterson, writer and teacher, on the spiritual practice of yoga, identity, language, and hope in a time of despair

    In this episode of the Humanitou Podcast, Jessica Patterson shares some intensely shaping experiences in her life and where her feral spirit comes from. We talk about yoga as a homonym, how the word, while it looks and sounds the same in its uses, conjures different meanings for ...


  2. 86: Joe Johnson, singer-songwriter and storyteller, on truth in fiction, death, loss and isolation, and playing the famed Ryman Auditorium

    In this episode of the Humanitou Podcast series, I talk with singer-songwriter and musician Joe Johnson, a storyteller that learned at the sides of homegrown orators on the porches of Southern Mississippi. The most common themes of his music -- death, loss and isolation -- have ...


  3. 85: Ayya Dhammadhira, Buddhist nun, on loss and impermanence, letting go and a quest for deeper knowing

    Sister Ayya Dhammadhira is a Bhikkhuni, a fully ordained Buddhist nun, who has lived, worked and practiced in Buddhist monasteries around the world -- and now does so independently -- these past 20 or so years. We talk about Ayya’s upbringing in a Catholic family and the ...


  4. 84: Jamal Parker, writer + international slam poetry champ, on identity and race, mental health and faith

    Jamal Parker is a two-time International Slam Poetry Champion. He grew up in Japan, where he first explored his poetry, and in Florida, where as a teenager he first came to recognize the politics of race with the murder of Trayvon Martin nearby. In this conversation, ...


  5. 83: Cody Oldham, professional artist, on his precocious start in art, living with mountain lions, and his preference for wingtips and ties even while painting

    Cody Oldham is a professional wildlife and landscape painter who lives with his family -- and mountain lions that Cody’s dad rehabilitates for return to the wild -- on 20 acres in the mountains of Colorado. Cody also is a rather precocious and self-motivated 15-year-old who has a ...