81: Becca Williams, on marriage, miscarriage and kids, yoga and tech consulting

Episode 81 March 02, 2020 00:55:17
81: Becca Williams, on marriage, miscarriage and kids, yoga and tech consulting
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81: Becca Williams, on marriage, miscarriage and kids, yoga and tech consulting

Mar 02 2020 | 00:55:17


Show Notes

In this inaugural Humanitou Podcast episode, I talk with my amazing wife, Becca Williams. I reveal a secret I’ve been holding throughout our 17-year relationship, something I’d been playing it cool with since our beginning and just decided now’s the time to ’fess up. We get into some intimate experiences we’ve shared along the way but haven’t talked about for many years: the decision to have kids and the miscarriages that occurred in the process. Becca tells why she went into the Peace Corps in her 20s — and subsequently dropped out. She also shares how she applies her spiritual practice of yoga to life “off the mat,” including in her career as a consultant in the technology field. Among other things. Learn more about Becca at thoughtdistillery.co. More at humanitou.com.


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