Introducing Humanitou in Podcast Form

March 02, 2020 00:01:44
Introducing Humanitou in Podcast Form
Humanitou: Exploring Humanness + Creativity
Introducing Humanitou in Podcast Form

Mar 02 2020 | 00:01:44


Show Notes

Humanitou is about humanness and creativity. These podcast conversations are a continuation of three years of Humanitou conversations with 80 artists, spiritual practitioners, leaders and thinkers, in which the conversations were published as text Q&As at Now, as a podcast, Humanitou continues to be about cultivating a space for vulnerable, courageous dialogue and sharing. And in the process, I’m challenging all of us to truly listen, with openness and empathy, to others’ stories and to hear ourselves in them. Together, we will challenge the truths we hold about ourselves and each other. More at


Humanitou is created, hosted and produced by Adam Williams.

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